Mark Brennan is a Nova Scotia based Canadian wilderness landscape painter, nature sound recordist, environmentalist and naturalist with Scottish roots who has traveled and painted extensively across Canada for nearly two decades. His work combines a naturalists understanding with an emotional artistic response that expresses both a love of life and a continued exploration of the growing disconnect between humans and nature.

February 4th 2017, Landscape Photograph, Archival Pigment Prints.


January 21st, New Album Release, Song Of The Northwoods.

January 8th 2017, The Hidden Pool, Acrylic On Canvas, 11×14 inches


January 5th 2017, starting the Seal Island series.

I was lucky enough to visit this remote island off the Southern coast of Nova Scotia last October with a wonderful bunch from the Nova Scotia Bird Society. One of the highlights was Hurricane Mathew going over the top of us as well as getting to really experience the fall bird migration.

December 31st 2016. 

As the sun sets for the last time on 2016, here are my last two paintings. I have painted 93 works this year from places like Scotland, Algonquin, northern New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Jasper, the Gaspe (Quebec), Saguenay, Gros Morne, and Northern Ontario. I feel so very thankful to live in peace, to be able to seek my own path and to share it with you all.

My work continues to be an expression of a deep fascination with the landscape and a voice for Nature. I hope I have contributed to your own journey in some small way, thank you for contributing to mine.

“Sunburst French Mountain, Cape Breton Highlands”  11×14 inches, acrylic on canvas
“Winter Wetland Near Trafalgar, Nova Scotia.” 11×14 inches, acrylic on canvas

December 26th, 2016, Paintings for Preshrunk (the small 4X5 inches show) at Argyle Fine Art, Halifax in January. See the paintings below. If you are interested in a work, contact Argyle Fine Art directly at (902) 425-9456. Click on images for larger view. 

December 2016, New Work,