M   A  R  K      B  R  E  N  N  A  N      F  I  N  E    A  R  T

2nd October – below, new work at Argyle Fine Art, Halifax phone: 902-425-9456 EMAIL gallery@argylefa.com

below, Opening Soon, solo show, “Seeing Myself”, at Harvest Gallery, Kentville NS. Opening October 17th 2015. View the online show –  Mark Brennan, Harvest Gallery, Seeing Myself. October 2015.

If we are open enough and allow the world to move through us, we can gain a deepening of experience where we come to relate to nature in a way that we see it as ourselves.” below “Last Look Before Heading Home“, acrylic on board, 7×9 inches. Honeymoon Bog. Liscomb NS.

Last Look Before Heading Home, Honeymoon Bog, Liscomb NS Acrylic 7x9 inches