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Ancient Forest, CoverRecording Location: Abrahams Lake, Nova Scotia
3 Tracks
Album Length: 1 hour 23 mins
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The album, Ancient Forest, took a year too record. Within these recordings you will hear the soundscape of an increasingly rare eco-system, the old growth virgin forest. Recorded on location in Abrahams Lake, an old growth Red Spruce and Hemlock forest in Nova Scotia, “Ancient Forest” will take you deep into this living cathedral in a listening experience that will captivate and relax you. I was compelled to produce this work because of the rarity of this place, many of the sounds you hear are the same sounds that echoed through these trees thousands years ago and because it has never been touched by humans the soundscape is perhaps as close to true wilderness as you can experience. The track Boreal Forest Sunrise was recorded nearby in an ancient wetland.


1. Standing With The Trees, 33.30

The title of this track comes from the struggle at Clayoquot in British Columbia, which the Friends of Clayoquot Sound used in the mid 1980‘s in their fight to save the old growth forests of West Vancouver Island, “If you want the trees to stand, you have to stand with the trees.” became a gathering cry.

And so it is with this area known in Nova Scotia as Abrahams Lake. This soundscape recording is also a memorial to the Liscomb Game Sanctuary, where for years now it’s forests have been clearcut by multi national paper companies. Abrahams Lake is really an island amongst the ravages of industrial forestry.

When you listen to this, you should be able to get a real sense of the size of the trees with the way the sound reverberates in the forest. The only 2 places I have experienced this in Nova Scotia is Abrahams Lake and a virgin forest of Hemlock in Kejimkujik National Park. This recording is the forgotten ‘voice’ of the forest, in reality the forests have no voice in the industrialized human world, mostly they are seen as a resource for consumption, but as you will hear, the forests of the world are an intricate part of the web of life.

2. Stream Amongst The Old Growth 20.00

A quiet serene recording that really is ‘easy listening!’, recorded on location in the old growth forests of Abrahams Lake Nature Reserve in central Nova Scotia, Canada. The location is a very unique old growth Red Spruce forest nestled next to Abrahams Lake. Here deep in the forest runs an ancient stream. You can hear the gentle trickle of the water as it meanders through the dark undergrowth with forest birds calling and singing from all directions. The microphones were placed directly above the water in a carefully chosen location and recorded in a binaural setup to give a much better listening experience.

The recording date was early morning, June 26th 2010. Abrahams Lake is now a protected area and is one of this Nova Scotia’s gems, visited by hikers and birdwatchers it’s ancient trees still stand tall, you feel as though time has stood still here, we hope you feel the same when you listen to this nature soundscape.

3. Boreal Forest Sunrise 30.02

Boreal Forest Sunrise will take you away to the moment the sun rose over the Black Spruce of the Boreal Forest in late spring.

The Boreal Forest is a true part of Canadian life, an ecosystem that sustains the life force of the Canadian Shield, from the largest of the undulates to the tiny migratory birds this habitat is grand in the truest sense of the word.

This recording is also an audio photograph, unedited, it stands also as a reminder that industrial human use has taken a serious tole on this once endless, pristine cradle of Northern life. A thought worthy of further consideration if we are to stem its demise.

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