Quiet River, exploring our connection to nature during a canoe trip into the Nova Scotia wilderness.

Open Water, thoughts on a wilderness lake I have visited for over 20 years.

The Sounds Of Peskowesk, recording the soundscape of the Acadian Forest in spring.

Wild At Heart, Landscape Painter Greg Dickie, in the Tobeatic Wilderness Area NS.

April 17 Mile Stream, working on location at a spring river breaking up.

Ayers Lake Old Growth, through the eyes of wilderness advocate Barb Brown.

The Acadian Forest, The Story So Far, the plight of the Acadian Forest of Maritime Canada.

Thoughts By A Stream, visual poetry from Abraham Lake Old Growth, Nova Scotia.

Standing With The Trees, what does a virgin, untouched forest sound like?

Honeymoon Bog, painting on location in late winter.

Going Underground To Find The Sound, recording the sounds of nature underground.

The Art In The Wilderness, Mark travels with his daughter down the Liscomb River, Nova Scotia

Dawn At Moores Cove, recording the sounds of the ocean at Moores Cove, Cape Breton


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