Homestead Thunderstorm

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Homestead-ThunderstormHomestead Thunder Storm was recently featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES!

Track length 13.57

When a thunder storm rolled over my rural home, in July of 2012, I was quick to set up my stereo recording equipment next to a small still water. I got wet, very wet as the storm approached from the South West.

Recording thunder isn’t easy, you have to baby sit the recorder most times to ensure the levels don’t overload. What you get here is thunder and rain, the real thing, not synthesized, but recorded out in the open on a humid gentle summer day in Nova Scotia. There is also a hint of the evening bird chorus in the nearby Acadian Forest.

With a 1 minute fade in and a 3 minute fade out, it’s perfect for helping you to relax.

Running Time 13:57.

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