Northern Wetland


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Northern Wetland CoverRecording Location: Nova Scotia
12 Tracks
Album Length: 60:00 mins
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Northern Wetland, ‘Wetland Voices Of The North

The wetlands of the Northern forests is the theme of this album. Recording locations that include the high Tundra plateau of the Cape Breton Highlands to the hidden wetlands of the Acadian Forest on Canada’s east coast, help us to understand the uniqueness of these special ecosystems.

We value water, but do we also give value to the incredible diversity of these places? Listen, relax and become intimate with the wetlands of the north with this 12 track album, through the microphones of Mark Brennan.


1. Twilight 2.39
Night into twilight, the small but mighty, Spring Peeper frogs are in full swing, the first birds can be heard, the frog chorus slowly fades.

2. Morning Chorus 7.31
The Spring Peepers grow silent as dawn approaches, the first birds sing, we wait for sunrise.

3. Distant Wetland 6.43
Dawn, on a still spring morning, the microphones are set up several hundred meters from a large Acadian Forest wetland. There is a lovely depth to this recording of two habitats, enhancing our listening, keeping us attentive and present.

4. Green Frogs At Dawn 3.56
Sunrise in this northern wetland, and the Green Frog chorus is in full swing, as are the birds, who are busy feeding and maintaining their territories on this bright, late spring morning.

5. Bull Frog Chorus 7.02
After sunrise the Bull Frogs begin their moment of summer fame, they are the bass of the amphibians,  and a joy to listen too!

6. Forest By The Pond 2.40
We find ourselves pulled into the stillness of the forest, to sit and listen to it’s sounds. In the distance, the wetland.

7. Still Plateau 1.49
Perhaps one of the most amazing mornings I have experienced, two birds of the Boreal Plateau calling in the still air. The Lincoln’s Sparrow and the Fox Sparrow, recorded before dawn in the Cape Breton Highlands wilderness.

8. Song Of The Boreal Bog 6.54
We go now into another wetland habitat where, in this shruby dense bog,  the Lincoln’s Sparrow can be heard as well as the American Robin, Swamp Sparrow, Common Yellowthroat and a female Moose feeding at dawn with her calf.

9. Rain Shower 3.53
Descending back to lower elevations, it is mid morning in a large Bullrush pond, a gentle rain falls.

10. Pines Of The Alder Grounds 7.42
If you have ever heard the wind through an old Pine, then you know that it has a ‘voice’ all of it’s own. For Pines Of The Alder Grounds the microphones were placed underneath a huge Pine in a pristine wilderness, next to the Liscomb River, where at this point it flows slow and dark. On the other side of this drumlin, a huge quaking bog, full of orchids and late summer birds feeding on the many insects. It is perhaps one of my all time favorite places to visit and this recording is a real gem!

11. French Mountain 6.25
I was with Andrew Skeoch & Sarah Koschak recording in the Cape Breton Highlands for several days to come away with this recording. Andrew and Sarah are the folks from Listening Earth ( The weather had not been cooperating for us, with high wind making things difficult. With careful microphone placement, one evening on the top of French Mountain, I managed to ‘snag’ this evening soundscape. Who knew strong breeze and the lovely Common Yellothroat, could sound so great together!

12. The Beavers 2.41
In the northern forests Beavers are the wetland makers. They are creators of habitat for many species of bird and amphibian. This final track is a celebration of the Beaver, here we listen to two of them busy feeding and repairing their dam, we also hear them talk!

Images from the recording of this album. The-Campsite-For-Pines-Of-The-Alder-Grounds Recording-Location-For-Pines-Of-The-Alder-Grounds Female-Moose-heard-in-Song-Of-The-Boreal-Bog Evening-Rainbow-On-The-Liscomb-River-Nova-Scotia-copy

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