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Peskowesk Cover Recording Location: Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia
10 Tracks
Album Length: 60 mins
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Nova Scotia’s, Kejimkujik National Park, its lakes, rivers and forests have been a traditional stopping place for thousands of years for the First Nations Mi’kmaq people of Eastern North America. To navigate its pristine waterways and walk its forests is to step back in time; an intimate adventure that cannot help but re-connect you to the Earth. This is a soundscape journey in an approaching spring in the northern deciduous forests of Canada. The sounds of ”Peskowesk”, are sure to awaken you to the possibilities of what it means to connect with wild nature.”I traveled by canoe to camp, record and live quietly near the remote Peskowesk Lake in May of 2012 with my fellow wilderness traveler, Graham Kennedy.

“Being there was a magical experience; we had heavy rain and storm force winds for three days, so capturing this soundscape was not only physically challenging, but also pushed my recording techniques to a new level. Eventually the weather calmed, and recording the variable soundscapes of this eco-system became a real joy. I am very happy with this work. This soundscape piece was featured at Argyle Fine Art, in Halifax, Nova Scotia in June 2013, which combined with over 20 landscape paintings from the area that formed the show, ‘Bio-Region’.

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