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Low Tide Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia, 8×10 inches $180.00 + shipping

Canoe, Whitesand Lk, Tobeatic NS, 8×10 inches, $180 + shipping









Marks photographic landscapes primarily look at the point of intersection where contemporary society meets our idea of wild nature. His work draws upon 20 years as a wilderness landscape painter, naturalist and sound recordist and the witnessing of the human encroachment into the natural landscape over that period. It is where these two come together that Mark feels is the frontier of his work as a landscape photographer, it is at this frontier where he wants to place his camera. Mark seeks out pockets of remaining wilderness as well as those landscapes where humans come into contact with the land in a way that is beneficial to both humans and nature. What we see is an emerging body of work that shows us a thinning demarcation line or border between industrial society and what remains as wild nature. Mark works in traditional film photography, 35mm, medium format (645) and large format (4×5). See, photography, The Early Years.

September 16th 2017 – The Sound And The Silence, on location in two amazing landscapes.

September 14th 2017 – its up and running, Mark’s new FACEBOOK page, like to see Marks evolving stories and exploration of the landscape here.

September 10th 2017 – Taylor Head, Nova Scotia. Go along with Mark as he photographs this incredible wild headland in large format black and white.

September 3rd 2017 – Below, Mark’s Video for this week, waiting for the light, photographing a river at sunrise.

August 19th 2017 – Below, Watch Mark’s New Video, photographing sunrise at the wild Torbay Provincial Park, Nova Scotica, Canada.




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