The Great Silence

In his book, Reflections From The North Country, guide and wilderness advocate, Sigurd Olson talks about, the great silence. Anyone who has spent more than a few days in a wilderness setting will know if they have heard the great silence.

Olson calls it ‘ancient overlapping silences’, those sounds that we come to know subconsciously, something from within the realms of our own evolution that settles us, that evokes gentle feelings of calm and knowing. Here in this release then is my own experience of the great silence from recordings made during a late summer wilderness canoe trip with a close friend. Edited down to 15 mintues, this is what we heard, this is our great silence.

The sounds you hear are quiet, as you would hear them in nature. I would suggest finding a quiet place and, to listen with headphones. If you can, try to really listen, to pay attention to all the intricate living sounds of this wild place, almost like a meditation. The hope is that it will enable the listener to understand the depth and interconnectedness of wild nature and then take this new awareness out into the world.

I have deliberately left out a description of this track, everything a surprise, a puzzle, just like being there.