The Wild Places

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Recording Location: Nova Scotia, Canada (by track):
1. Perch Lake
2. Dayspring Lake, Liscomb
3. Liscomb
4. Taylor Head, Atlantic Coast
5. Near Piper Lake, Liscomb
6 & 7. French Mtn, Cape Breton Highlands
8 & 9. Abrahams Lake old growth forest
10. Whitehill

Album Length: 62 mins
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Listen to the essence of true wilderness found in the Boreal and Acadian Forest region of Eastern Canada. We are taken on a timeless journey into this ten thousand year old eco-system, exploring the natural sounds found on the wild coastlines, the deep forested hills and the unforgiving Boreal plateaus of the region.


1. Boreal Lake Dawn 6.02

Recorded in June of 2010 at a remote lake in Nova Scotia. It is early morning, before sunrise, mist hovers as the morning chorus begins. At first we hear the Spring Peepers, they are then joined by Mink Frogs. Slowly the Boreal lake wakes up, the chorus becomes more intense and a gentle breeze reminds us that the day is coming.

2. The Alder Swamp 5.59

I loved recording this, an Alder Swamp at the North end of a large lake in Nova Scotia. It was very hard getting to this location but once there and settled down everything worked out. The Northern Waterthrush who this piece is all about, really sang his heart out that morning, as you will hear!

3. Gentle Summer Stream 6.25

A gentle summer stream attracts early morning Boreal birds in Northern mainland Nova Scotia. Recorded late June 2011.

4. Quiet September Shore 4.52

“Quiet September Shore” comes from a quiet beach on a headland on Nova Scotia’s Atlantic shore. There were many shorebirds feeding on the kelp strewn beach that morning, it was only one day after a hurricane had gone through the area. There is a real calmness to this piece as gentle waves break on a sandy shore, quite a contrast to the hurricane of the day before.

5. Wetland Dawn 5.50

This is the lovely sound of a Boreal Wetland as the sun rises on a calm summer morning in June. We hear many species here, Green Frog, Common Yellow Throat, Hermit Thrush, Olive Sided Fly Catcher and Swamp Sparrow, all of them a part of this symphony that is the Boreal Forest.

6. Tundra Sunrise 3.28

This was a special morning, just being there in the ‘silence’ for most of the day was an amazing experience, not hearing any human noise made for great recording. There are several birds calling here, the main bird species you hear is the Lincolns Sparrow.

7. Highland Plateau 6.43

The Boreal Forest bogs and fens is the setting for this morning chorus. A special place where the White Throated Sparrows rule the morning with their ‘old man peabody’ song.

8. Winter In The Old Growth 3.55

I had wondered why in the silence of this old growth forest things seemed to be getting louder. There was a concentration of excited birds. Then all of a sudden the answer was quite apparent, I had stumbled upon a Red Tailed Hawk pair busy nesting. I set up my gear and left, not wanting to hang around to upset them. Things went back to ‘normal’ and the resulting recording is a fascinating look into a private few minutes near their nest site.

9. Winter Woodpecker 4.46

The Boreal Forests can be a lonely place in the winter, many of the breeding birds have headed South, but there is always some native birds remaining to keep things alive as the snow takes over! This field recording is a Black Backed Woodpecker feeding on a huge old growth Red Spruce. Wind is gusting through the trees and churning the surface of a nearby lake.

10. Family Of Ravens 4.58

I had thought there might be a pair of Ravens nesting in the area after seeing them most of the winter and sure enough in mid May after following the trail of merry calls I had found them. They were nested in the ‘y’ of a large Birch tree in a part of an Acadian Forest. This recording is one of my most cherished, it depicts this family in all its ‘moods’ from protective to quiet. You can really sense the comfort the chicks seem to get from their parents when they visit with food. Ravens are amazing birds as you will hear in this recording. UPDATE, Nov 2010, This forest has now been clear cut.

The Sights And Sounds of a Boreal Wetland At Dawn


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