Thunder Over The Meadow

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Recording Location: Whitehill, Nova Scotia
1 Track
Album Length: 22:30 mins
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A summer thunder storm moves over a meadow, this recording has an spaciousness and depth that will evoke feelings of calm and serenity.

‘Thunder Over The Meadow’ is a continuous unedited, pure nature recording, that finds us in the serenity and rich soundscape of a late summer afternoon grassy meadow, in Northern Nova Scotia, Canada. A thunder storm approaches from the West,and gradually, we are tempted further into our own imagination evoking feelings of simplicity, calm and awareness.

We hear the quiet sound of long summer grasses waving in the breeze and the intermittent calls of songbirds as the storm approaches, growing in intensity, to eventually recede into the distance, leaving us refreshed and calm. ‘Thunder Over The Meadow’, was a real event, recorded in full omni-directional stereo by Canadian landscape painter and nature sound recordist, Mark Brennan, in the summer of 2013 near his Nova Scotia home. For a great listening experience headphones are best, adjust the volume to suit your mood, low to relax.

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