M  a  r  k      B  r  e  n  n  a  n      F  i  n  e      A  r  t

Wilderness Landscape Painter-Writer-Nature Sound Recordist

Exploring The Wilderness Of Canada

APRIL 20th – Well Earth Day is soon and after a conversation with the great folks at Argyle Fine Art, we have decided to take 15% off all of my remaining work at the gallery for this week. That 15% in savings to the client, we will then donate it to a worthy nature charity. For more info drop Adriana or Crystal a note at: gallery@argylefa.com

Cathedral Grove Near PORT ALBERNI (8)

Mark Brennan’s landscape paintings of Canada are an intimate search for a connection to the wildness that exists within all of us. He has traveled Canada extensively,  working in National Parks and intact wilderness areas to paint and record the soundscape of wild nature.


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